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Signs you need a plumber

It is much easier to ensure a problem does not happen in the first place than to need a plumber because preventative measures were not taken. Here we go through the different signs...

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white toilet

Common causes of a clogged toilet

A clogged toilet can be an absolute nightmare, not only can it cause a range of problems for you and your family but it can also damage plumbing systems as well as you’re hom...

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pouring water into glass

Risks of unpurified water

Here in the UK most of the water we can drink has already been filtered and purified before it hits out taps. However, other places in the world are less fortunate to have this ser...

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blocked Sink

Signs of a blocked drain pipe

A blocked drain pipe can be a right nightmare to deal with. Not only can they cause mayhem in your home with blockages but they can also cause flooding which can be extremely damag...

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