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Maintaining a neat, tidy and presentable appearance of your commercial premises is vital for creating not only a welcoming first impression, but also a positive environment for employees to spend their day. There is always a significant amount of wear and tear on office buildings simply due to the constant entry and exit of staff, clients and customers throughout the day. Which is why carrying out essential commercial maintenance tasks continues to grow in importance and should always remain a priority.

6 Commercial Maintenance Tasks

Often, commercial maintenance tasks do not need to be something you, as the business or building owner, needs to do independently. Various different companies specialise in particular projects and can get the job done quickly and effectively, at an affordable price while causing minimal disruption to the working day.

It is vital that you keep on track of regular building maintenance not only to make sure that your premises remains visually appealing, but also safe for all individuals on site. Here we’ve devised a checklist for the most important maintenance tasks to remember.


Many underestimate the importance of ensuring that you have a steady water flow and fail to take into consideration how much we all rely on water on a daily basis. Drinking, cooking and heating all require a fully functioning plumbing system and are amenities in the workplace. Plumbing problems, particularly in a large, busy building full of employees, is likely to be one of the most expensive repairs, which is why regular maintenance check-ups are critical.

Booking in for an annual once-over with a professional commercial plumber means that any potentially fatal future problem can be spotted and resolved before they require costly repair fees. Plumbers will keep a careful eye out for risks such as leaks, blockages and corrosion along with giving each water system component a once over. For example, valves are checked to ensure that have not become loose or have begun to malfunction. If left unresolved, damaged or loose valves could run the risk of anything from moisture causing damp to a full flood.

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Although one of the most desirable benefits of commercial landscaping is to create a welcoming and attractive exterior for your business, there are also several different ways in which regular landscaping can improve overall on-site safety.

Many assume that commercial grounds maintenance simply consists of shaping hedges and planting vibrant flowers and while this is partially true, there are various different services that will come alongside your contract. Landscapers are also in charge of ensuring that all your trees remain healthy and branches do not fall onto the path of pedestrians, clearing leaves which reduces slipping hazards in colder weather conditions and litter removal to deter pests.

When drawing up a landscaping contract, your requirements along with any expert suggestions will be taken into consideration to arrange how often maintenance tasks will be carried out along with which services will take priority.

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How often you enlist professional help to clean and maintain the condition of your windows often depends on the location of your commercial building. Those who are located nearby to busy dual carriageways and motorways or are based in a town/city centre will require considerably more maintenance than those in more rural areas. Not only will they become dirtier quicker collecting dust and grime, but they will also go through more wear and tear. As an office building, it is recommended to book in for a professional window cleaner to visit at least twice a year, more if you feel necessary. For areas of the building that are seen the most by visitors, such as receptions and meeting rooms, you may want to consider touch-ups. Take a look at this handy article on The Best Ways To Clean Windows Yourself.

Along with cleaning windows, it is also essential to invest time in re-sealing any windows that are becoming old. Ensuring that windows are adequately sealed will prolong their life and also reduce the risk of damp or mould forming.

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Guttering is a relatively quick maintenance task which although can be done through DIY at home, must be done by guttering experts on an office-style building. Even if you have an on-site caretaker who takes charge of other maintenance tasks, we suggest steering clear from clearing guttering due to multiple safety hazards. Commercial properties are both taller and wider than the majority of houses which means it can be a struggle to reach to clear guttering.

Particularly during the Autumnal months, guttering quickly becomes blocked with old leaves and debris, making water drainage incredibly tricky. A build-up of water soaked leaves and debris runs the risk of internal damp, which once spread, is almost impossible to clear.


The Health and Safety Executive states that all electrical appliances within the workplace must be inspected and tested before you meet all legal standards. Although there are no set rules, you must ensure that portable appliances are PAT tested one by one; it is recommended that this is completed every 12 months.

You must keep an eye out for potential electrical damage and get all suspicious changes checked by a professional as soon as possible. Common signs of faulty electrics include exposed wiring, electrical shocks, discoloured switches and flickering lights. For more information on signs of electrical wiring problems, head over to Wire Craft Electric.

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There are many different signs that your paintwork is crying out for a touch up from flaking to cracking to blistering, often caused by a combination of harsh weather conditions and poor adhesion.

If only a small area of the paintwork is becoming tired, then it is a relatively easy job to be resolved, although it will require the old paint to be scraped off using a flat scraper then re-applied. When re-painting, it is vital to sand the area and then apply a high-quality paint primer. Using a paint primer will create an adhesive layer for the pigment to stick to and will prevent moisture build up between the surface and paint. For a large building, you may want to consider hiring a professional spraying company to respray the whole building.

Keep Your Commercial Building in Tip-Top Condition!

Ensuring that your building remains in immaculate condition doesn’t have to be a tiresome job. With meticulous initial planning and hiring the best professionals to take care of the bigger jobs, maintenance becomes an easy task. It is always recommended, if you have the budget, to enlist the help of experts rather than testing out a DIY job. Businesses that specialise in particular maintenance projects will not only have the sufficient equipment but will also take all precautionary measures and follow the correct steps to ensure that results last for as long as possible, problem-free.

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