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Your home toilet is something that is used every day and sometimes by multiple people, so you want to ensure it is in tip-top condition as the last thing you want is for it overflows or stops flushing. The bowl of the toilet is normally a solid piece of porcelain, which is a drain system with no moving parts at all, and the tank is where there are two very important aspects of your toilet are situated.

We are going to run through some of the most common toilet issues you can come across, and the ways you can prevent them from happening in the future.

Common toilet issues: Our top picks

There are a number of problems you can come across when it comes to your toilet, if you only have one toilet in your home then you are going to want to treat it with a great deal of care. As there would be nothing worse than having your toilet become unusable due to something that could have been prevented.

Flushing items which should not be flushed

Toilet paper is designed in a way so that it can dissolve and be easily removed from water once it has been flushed. Unfortunately, there is a considerable amount of waste which is flushed down the toilet, which most definitely should not be.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are frequently the cause of a number of blockages when it comes to your toilet. Most of our blocked toilet calls, end up being baby wipes which have clogged the toilet causing it unable to drain properly. Even if your baby wipes say they are flushable, we highly recommend throwing them away instead as they do not disintegrate the way toilet paper does.

baby wipes

Cotton pads and earbuds

Again, unfortunately, these items do not flush the same way toilet paper does and should never be thrown down the toilet. All they really tend to do is clump together causing your pipework to become blocked. A build-up of these items can also cause your pipes to leak and break.

cotton buds

Dental Floss

Dental floss may seem small enough to flush down your toilet, but it can cause more harm then you think. It can be extremely damaging to the environment, not only can it clog up your toilet but it can also be dangerous to animals that may be near the water that comes through your pipes. When enough of it is flush, it can often become more of a net once it is flushed which causes it to collect a range of debris and other items.

dental floss


For some reason, this tends to be something we see a lot in films, but it is actually really bad, so we highly recommend never doing it. Flushing your medication can also be very harmful to the environment as many of them become toxic to other animals, and can also cause toxic environmental effects.

Menstrual product

It might come as a bit of a shock, but there are a lot of menstrual products found in blocked in the toilet. From tampons, sanitary towels and other items, you should never flush these items. It will also advise this on the packaging, that these items should not be flushed down the toilet. If you want to be discreet as we know it’s not something you want everyone to know. Purchase a small bin to place beside the toilet, so you can ensure you dispose of these items properly.


If you think about the size of a nappy, you really shouldn’t be able to flush it down the toilet. We have been to a number of homes and had a real shock when it came to the reason for the block. Nappies are designed to hold water, so by flushing them, they will only absorb any water around it causing it to expand.


Cigarette butts

Something that is not as common, however, we have still experienced is people throwing cigarette buts down the toilet. Not only are they generally toxic to humans but they can also cause a number of issues to animals and to the water system.

For something so small as well, it is considerably wasteful. A lot of water is used to flush the toilet, so once you have done this a couple of times for individual cigarettes, it will all add up on your water bill.

Kitty litter

Kitty litter is something that should not be flushed down the toilet; it is often made of wood and other items that are non-flushable and are more likely to absorb water. If a large amount is being put in the toilet, it will soon clog in no time.

cat litter


A lot of people tend to put hair down the toilet, which can most definitely clog your pipework. A bit like dental floss your hair can often become more of a net once flushed which can cause things to get caught in it. If you are emptying your brush or cutting your hair, make sure to throw it out with your general waste. Hair is also recyclable, so if you may want to consider purchasing a compost bin.

brushing hair

Cosmetic products

If you are slightly prone to flushing your cosmetic items down the toilet, then you may want to think about the way in which you dispose of them. Many cosmetic items also hold a lot of oil, which can clog up your toilet, as there is no form of lubrication to move it through the pipework. It can be very difficult to break down, meaning it enters the water supply.


Small pets

It can be very sad when your fish pass away, and it may seem like the best thing to do, but flushing your fish down the toilet, is something you most definitely should not do. We have also experienced small rodents such as hamsters and gerbils flushed down the toilet, these animals bodies are fairly sturdy and take a very long time to break down causing clogs.

fish tank

What to do if your toilet becomes blocked

We recommend if you do come across a block in your toilet you should have a look at using a plunger, by using a plunger you can pull the water, which will often loosen any of the items clogged in your toilet.

If you are struggling to unblock your toilet, you may want to give plumbers Milton Keynes a call. Plumbers will have the right equipment and will also know the best methods to remove your clog.

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