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When it comes to doing a little plumbing DIY around the house, you must ensure that what you are doing is safe. Not to mention, you also need to make sure you know how not to cause more damage to your home. With plumbing issues such as leaks or drips, it can be very easy to cause more harm by trying to fix it with no knowledge of plumbing. Here we run through the main safety tips for home plumbing.

Safety Tips

One of the first things you are going to need to consider before carrying out any plumbing project within your home is, do you have the right equipment? Using the right tools will help you with your plumbing project and will make your life that bit easier as well as safer. You may not want a large toolbox lying around the house, but it is always a good idea to keep the few necessary tools at hands reach in case something does go wrong. By using the right equipment, you could also save yourself an injury.

Plumbing equipment

Mask Up!

If you have had a leak in your home which may have been undetected, you may want to consider wearing a mask when working on it. When you are working with water, you can often have places which are significantly damp and will also have a vast amount of mould growing within them. Touching mould of even breathing in the contaminated air which has been released from the mould can cause an allergic flare up as well as irritation to your skin and throat. If you are someone who suffers from asthma you may be more prone to this sort of allergic reaction, so if you do find any mould around your home where there is a leak you may want to ask for professional plumbers Milton Keynes to assist with any repairs. You can pick a plumbing safe mask from dustmasksdirect.

Protect Your Eyes

Much like any project you carry out in your home whether it be decorating, cutting wood or plumbing you should always protect your eyes. Your eyes are extremely sensitive, and even the smallest bit of dirt can make your eyes very painful. Especially if you are using strong products to assist with cleaning or even clogs.

We have seen many hazards where people have not taken the necessary precautions with their eyes. One place many people do not think to wear eye protection is when they are laying beneath a pipe and looking up at it. But there is often dirty water, dirt or if you are working on the pipe bits of plastic can get in your eyes. All you need to protect your eyes is a pair of clear safety goggles from JTM Plumbing Merchant.

safety goggles


Draining a pipe is not necessarily a difficult plumbing task, it can be easily done, but there are a few things you need to think about before doing so. The contents of the drain can sometimes be put under pressure depending on how bad the clog is. When it comes to draining your pipes you need to consider if the dirt, sludge and grime could come shooting out on top of you, which let’s face it will not be pleasant. Make sure you have a mask on or someone to help you, for example, holding a bucket underneath the pipe to ensure to clog is caught.

Shut The Water Off

If any of your plumbing projects involve working with one of your homes water supply, then you will need to make sure you turn your home’s water off. You should always shut the water off to be safe, as you may find yourself having to mop up a considerable amount of water. You will often find the water valve on near your boiler, or it is sometimes on the pipes themselves.

Do Not Ignore The Smell Of Gas

In most plumbing projects you will not have this issue. But if you ever have a faint smell of gas, you should never ignore it. If you suspect there to be a gas leak or even smell gas if it is safe to do so then make sure you turn off your gas supply. You will then want to call a gas contractor to assist with any further plumbing needs.

Have A Helper On Hand

If you are ever going to do a bit of plumbing around the house, we always recommend having a friend or family member as a helping hand. In case anything was to go wrong you have someone to assist you. We always suggest any larger plumbing problems you have to not do by yourself as you may find you are way over your head. When people do take on large plumbing projects on their own when they are not sufficiently trained, they end making more of a mess and need to call a professional anyway.

leaking pipe

Always Have Emergency Contacts

You may think you know what you are doing, but there can sometimes be instances where your plumbing may need a little more help from a professional. If you ever have a leak or damaged pipe which is more than you can handle we always recommend to have a highly qualified emergency plumbers Buckingham number. This also goes for any gas situation; if you do smell gas or think there are any problems with your gas, then you will need to ensure you have an emergency contact for this type of contractor.

Home plumbing

When it comes to home plumbing, we always suggest doing them yourself if you can to save yourself a few pennies. Things such as clearing a blocked drain, fixing the toilet or showerhead are all plumbing problems which are relatively easy to fix. Anything more than this, unless you really know what you are doing we highly recommend contacting a professional plumber. Home plumbing is not a difficult task; however, if something is done incorrectly, you may found you have caused more damage which can cost you more in the long run. Always make sure you know what to do in any plumbing situation.

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