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There are a number of reasons to why your drain may be blocked when it comes to your bathroom, soap suds, hair and other items are all to blame. There are a few signs you have a clogged bathroom drain, the most obvious being if you are having a nice long shower and notice the water is taking considerably longer than normal to drain. Here we tell you exactly how to unclog the bathroom drain, effectively and easily.

Best way to unclog the bathroom drain

Most people assume that by getting rid of the hair and grime on the surface of the drain will solve all of their problems. They couldn’t be more wrong! If your drain is taking a considerable amount of time to well, drain, then you most likely have more of an underlying problem. When the drain is being a little slow, then you most likely have sludge, dirt, grime or something potentially lodged in your pipework. It is relatively normal for dirt to build up in your pipes over time so shouldn’t be something that is to hard to fix.

Read on to find some simple yet effective ways of unclogging your drains.

clogged drain

Hot water

The oldest trick in the book and one of the most effective. Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of hot water. Hot water can often break down large soap suds which may be clogged in the pipes or even move the grease that was clinging on for dear life.


We are sure you have used a wire hanger to fish something out of your wardrobe or from under the sofa. A regular wire coat hanger can do wonders, make sure you fully straighten it out, then bend one end over to create a small hook. You will then want to go on a fishing expedition, take the hanger past the point of the drain and have a fish around in the pipes. It might be a little gross and disgusting, but you will need to pull whatever is stuck in there out rather than pushing it down further into the pipes. When you believe you have fully rid the pipes of all the clogged hair, gunk and grime be sure to run the hot water for a short while to get rid of any loose bits you couldn’t bring up. You will soon notice the water seems to run through the drain much better.

Baking soda and Vinegar

If you are up for a little home science experiment, then you might want to give baking soda and vinegar a try. Firstly, you will need to pour boiling water down the pipe to soften any grime or dirt which may be lodged. We recommend placing a 3rd of the baking soda bottle down the drain and letting it sit for around ten minutes. Then pour one cup of vinegar down the drain, if you are going to do this make sure you have the plug at the ready as this will automatically react and can fizz over a fair bit. By plugging it, the fizz has the chance to travel down the pipes. After the fizzing has stopped, you will want to flush with boiling water again.

baking soda in drain

Cleaning the pipe

If it is your sink drain that is clogged, then you can generally clean it out yourself. There are some plumbing jobs that you might not want to do but this one is fairly easy however can get a little messy. Make sure to turn your water off before you start otherwise you might get a little wet. We recommend placing a large bucket under the u-shaped pipe to catch any trapped water and to also catch any dirt or grime that may fall out so you can easily dispose of it. Using a plumbers wrench which you can get from RS, you will want to loosen the slip nuts, you will need to do both ends of the pipe. Once the pipe has been removed make sure to turn it over the bucket and give it a prod with a screwdriver, you may also need to give it a good shake as there may be debris stuck inside the bend. You can also give the other parts of the pip attached to the wall a good look as there may be dirt stuck in there. Put the pipe back together and give the tap a good run of water, you will notice this will most likely of done the job.


It may require a little muscle action and determination. Plunging is a great way to help dislodge any stubborn dirt which may in your pipework. Give it a good couple of plunges and then follow it up with some boiling water and it should help. While this may be successful in the sink drain, in some cases, where there may be a lot of hair in the bath or shower drain for instances this method may not work for you.

women plunging


Unfortunately, if you have given each of these methods a go and there is still no sign of your bathroom drain becoming unclogged, then it may be a sign you need plumbers Milton Keynes. A plumber will have the essential tools to help you with your clogged bathroom drain. We always highly recommend that if you have one clogged drain in the bathroom, it is probably best for your plumber to assess the others in case they are close to becoming clogged and unusable.

Clogged bathroom drain

Having a clogged drain can be such a pain, especially when water starts backing up or not draining properly. It can cause an awful smell in your home and keeps a damp smell in the bathroom. Make sure you give each of these methods a try, and if you really cannot seem to get rid of the dirt and grime then you may need to call a plumber. A plumber will have the necessary tools to rid your drains of the annoying blocks and can renew them to a consistent flow.

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