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Have you ever been to someone’s house and they tell you “to flush the toilet you need to hold the handle down”. A sticky handle is something too common not to come across and is inevitably going to happen to your own toilet in the future. The toilet flush handle is a common issue and is relatively easy to fix, read on to find out how.

Fixing the toilet flush handle

One of the best ways to first establish whether there is a problem with your flusher is to take the lid from the toilet off. Watch each component work as you press the toilet handle. If the toilet is working sufficiently, the flush arm will lift on a pull chain which will lift the flapper away from the flush valve, which then initiates the flush.

What usually happens when you believe a flusher is not working correctly is there is often to much slack in the chain. Which means the flush arm cannot lift the flapper enough to start a flushing cycle. This is why you might find you have to hold to handle to let the toilet flush if you let go too soon the flapper closes and stops the toilets flush cycle.

How to fix the toilet flush hand

As this is probably one of the easiest plumbing issues you may come across, you do not need a lot of experience to try and repair it.

flushing Mechanism

Step 1

One thing you must do is turn off the water to the fixture; there is normally a shut-off valve somewhere on your toilet, usually located on the left side of the tank. However, this may be different depending on where your toilet is fitted in the bathroom. If you do not have a shut-off valve or cannot locate it, it is not a problem; you just might get a little wet whilst trying to fix your toilet.

Step 2

We always recommend flushing the toilet to help empty it; this will make it a little easier to work with.

At this stage we always recommend inspecting the state of the chain or wire, it can sometimes deteriorate or become bent which means it will need replacing. Don’t be afraid as this is not a difficult task. They will usually have an S-hook at the top end of the chain which you will need to remove. This can be done with a pair of plyers or even a screwdriver, simply spread it apart and you will be able to take it off. Some of them may also be attached via a screw, which can be easily removed counterclockwise with a screwdriver. You can pick up a replacement chain at B&Q.

Unhook the chain from the flush arm; you will notice once you have done this that there is a small clip which holds the chain to the flush arm. As the flush arm is now in the down position, you will need to make sure that the chain is taut against the arm, this means making sure there is no slack in the chain. You will want to ensure the flapper is still flat on the bottom of the flush valve. Guaranteeing the chain is lined up correctly with the holes in the flush arm, mark the links that are the closest to the flush valve.

toilet flusher

Step 3

You will then want to place the chain into the right link on the flush chain. At this step you will need to make sure that there is a little bit of slack in the chain, if it is completely taut, you cannot guarantee the flapper will sit firmly into the flush valve. It will only be a pain in the long run, so your best to do so, to ensure the toilet flushes properly.

Step 5

Once you have put the hook back onto the arm of the toilet flusher make sure there is the right amount of slack, if there is not you can change it. When the handle is pushed down, the flapper on the flusher should be lifted into an almost vertical position; this will normally mean you can see the bottom of the flapper.

Step 6

Make sure you remember to turn the water back on once you have completed the job. Let the water tank on the toilet fill back up again and give it a couple of tests. If the handle is still sticking a little bit, it might mean you have a little too much slack still in the chain. We always suggest testing it a couple of times, this sort of thing is always a bit of trial and error before you get it right.

I think its the handle not the flusher

If you have done all of the above and have noticed it has not helped in any way, it might be that your toilet handle is not working properly. Replacing your toilet is relatively inexpensive and is also a straightforward job to complete. We suggest taking a good read of House Logic’s article on How to Replace a Toilet Handle.

Toilet Flush

I can’t seem to fix it

If you have given this method a couple of tries, then we recommend getting in touch with your local plumbing services Milton Keynes. There might be an underlying issue to why your toilet might not be flushing properly; there could be a clog somewhere which might not be visible or easy to spot.

Why do it myself

As a plumbing problem that does not cost too much to fix yourself and only takes around 20 minutes max to fix, we believe it unnecessary for a plumber to come out. It would also cost you a lot more to do so as well. If you are the kind of person that does need a visual aid, there are plenty of videos on YouTube, which we recommend taking a look at. If you have completed all of these steps and however, have noticed that there may be another issue with your plumbing which unfortunately you are unable to fix, feel free to contact your local plumbers Leighton Buzzard.

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