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Have you ever thought about what you could do with that little extra bedroom space or walk-in wardrobe? Would the thought of having an ensuite be a dream come true? If you feel the space in your home is not being used to its full potential, an extra bathroom could be the ideal home improvement for you.

The benefits of an extra bathroom

Despite the obvious of utilising space not currently being used effectively, there are a plethora of advantages to adding an extra bathroom into your home.

One of these advantages is, of course, convenience. Having a downstairs toilet as opposed to a cupboard under the stairs is a significant investment which will ultimately save you time and energy. You will no longer need to venture upstairs throughout the day to use the toilet but instead, walk a few short steps. Similarly, having an ensuite bathroom means you will not have to navigate yourself down the hallway in the middle of the night to find the nearest bathroom. Instead, you will have a luxurious and advantageous addition to your home in the same room!

Another benefit of adding an extra bathroom to your home is the gained privacy, especially if you have a big family. When everyone is getting ready for work or school first thing in the morning, the last thing you want to feel is rushed or hassled by others. Adding an extra bathroom means mornings will quiet and stress-free as there will be enough bathrooms to suit the needs of the whole family.

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Making the most of your space

You may think your little cupboard under the stairs will result in a cramped and unsightly bathroom, but with the right decorative touches, you will hardly remember it was ever just a cupboard. Simple interior design tips will benefit you most here, such as using a colour scheme to work to your advantage. Light, neutral colours work best when trying to give a small space a more prominent appearance. When deciding on your colour scheme Brewers are a good place to start your search as they have an assortment of colours and finishes you can pick from.

Similarly, using mirrors will also help make your bathroom appear more substantial as it will make the room brighter by reflecting artificial and natural light. Mirror Outlet offers a variety of stylish and versatile mirrors that will make the perfect addition to any bathroom.

Another good tip to give the illusion of a bigger space is to be consistent with flooring. If you’re thinking of transforming your cupboard under the stairs into a bathroom, try using the same flooring already in the hallway. This will give your home an overall look of consistency and make the room appear bigger by seamlessly tieing one room to the other.

Finding the right plumber

Finding the right plumber for you is crucial for a successful conversion. When looking for plumbers, you should inquire as to how much experience they have, research reviews they have received from previous clients and guarantee they are legitimate by ensuring they are licensed and carry full insurance. Trusting your plumber is essential to a stress-free and enjoyable experience with a service that meets your needs and standards.

Ultimately, to get the best possible bathroom for your home, impeccable service conducted by people that know what they are doing is essential. Plumbers Milton Keynes provides a dedicated work-force of fully certified plumbers at budget-friendly prices. With 25+ years experience, you can be assured that professional and knowledgeable plumbers will complete your bathroom. Plumbers will also go above and beyond to give you the best possible service by helping install your electrical sockets, lighting and suite fittings.

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Is it going to be expensive?

The cost of adding an extra bathroom in your home is dependant on several factors, the two main factors to consider are:

  • Labour cost
  • Material cost

If you are looking to convert your cupboard under the stairs into a small toilet, you will be looking at a much lower cost than if you would like to convert a spare bedroom into a family bathroom.

However, if you are on a budget, an easy way to save money would be to research affordable decor options which will reduce your material cost. If you want a luxury look for a fraction of the price you might want to consider vinyl flooring. Not only is vinyl budget friendly, but it also an ideal option for a bathroom as it is highly durable and waterproof.

Offering a selection of flooring options, including luxury vinyl tiles, you can find the perfect bathroom flooring for you at QC flooring

What you will need

Whether you are investing in a small downstairs toilet or an extravagant ensuite, finding the right products that suit the newest addition to your home is very important. Sanctuary bathrooms have all the products you could possibly need to create the perfect bathroom. From bathtubs and toilets to basins and taps, the great selection of bathroom essentials is something you should take time to consider carefully to make the most of your space while also making it look as sophisticated as possible.

Accessorising your bathroom is key to making it look modern and stylish. Wilko make transforming your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary simple with their range of affordable bathroom decor.

A useful tip to make your bathroom look its best is matching your towels and rugs to your colour scheme. Using colours that will compliment each other well will make the entire room more pleasing to the eye.

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Is an extra bathroom for me?

An extra bathroom could be the practical addition your home has been missing. Bathstore’s 2D bathroom planner will help you make those first steps into designing your idyllic bathroom. Adding your finishing touches such as mirrors and towels will help make your bathroom feel like part of the home and not just another room you want to close the door on and forget. Do not let your unused space go to waste and give your home something to boast about by adding a functional but contemporary bathroom.

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