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One of the many questions we receive day in day out here at JF Plumbing Services is how long does it take for a bathroom installation. Well, we are finally going to answer your question in detail and hopefully capture all questions you may wish to ask thereafter. So keep reading if you would like to find out…

How long does it actually take for a bathroom installation?

Many people ask us roughly how long it takes for a bathroom to be installed and the actual answer is: it all depends on the size and shape of your bathroom. However, the general timeframe it takes is usually around ten days. If it is a lot shorter than this, you may want to consider going to another plumber to get the job done. You don’t want any shortfalls when it comes to bathroom installation, the last thing you want is in a couple of months to have a huge leak or water issue.

As we previously mentioned the timeframe it takes will all depend on exactly what you are having done to your bathroom. For example, if you are only having a new sink and bath replaced in then this can take a couple of days, if there are a number of other aspects involved such as the ripping out of the existing bathroom, tiling, new sanitary items and even a layout change it could potentially take us up to two weeks to get the project done and to the highest possible standard.

Here at JF Plumbing Services we are highly trained as bathroom fitters Milton Keynes, we have over 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry and have worked on a vast number of bathroom installations. Check out our step by step process on how we undertake our bathroom installation Towcester.

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Day one – Stripping out the existing bathroom

Many people try and undertake this part of the project themselves and can sometimes cause further issues to their existing piping or damage certain areas of the bathroom they wanted to keep. So unless you know exactly what you are doing, we highly recommend leaving it up to the professionals. When we first go into the bathroom we tend to strip everything out completely; this means removing absolutely everything and leaving the shell of the room.

Depending on the size of the bathroom and how much is in it, this part of the project can potentially take longer, taking 2 to 3 days.

Day two & three – preparing

We have to ensure all of the walls and flooring are straight with the right plastering before we can start tiling. We prepare all surfaces in the best way possible; if this section of the project is not done with care and precision, there may be underlying issues in the future. For example, if we do not allow the plaster to dry properly, you may experience damp issues. So please do not be disappointed when we say it can take up to two days to get this section done.

Day four, five & six – The first fixing

When we say the first fixing, this usually refers to fitting all the copper pipes, traps, waste pipes and any cables, so that is hidden away inside the ceilings and walls. We also tend to install the basin, shower tray or bathroom so that we can that the tiling process can go underway.

If you decide you want underfloor heating, we will also install this for you during these couple of day.

Day seven & eight – tiling

During this stage as a customer will start to see the bathroom forming, as the tiles start to spruce the bathroom up. We normally leave two days for tiling especially if we are tiling both the walls and floor; we ensure this is done with enough time for us to place the tiles perfectly around each unit as well as allowing them to dry. Tiling should never be rushed if you ever have a tiler that manages to complete a full bathroom in the space of a day they most likely have not done it properly. If you are having mirrors fitted within the tiling, you will want it to be as accurate and spot on as possible.

Day nine & ten – Second fixing

The second fix basically means we fit everything else that needs doing; we fix your toilet to make sure it is working to the best of its ability. We also make sure all basins, shower enclosers, valves and towel radiator. The team here at JF Plumbing Services ensure everything is working properly and there are no issues with any of the water flow or piping.

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Day eleven & twelve – Finishing

At the beginning of this article, we originally said it typically takes around ten days to complete a full bathroom installation. However, there are some cases where it might take us a little longer. For example, if you have a larger bathroom, we may have to spend longer on the pipework. If you decide to completely change the layout of your bathrooms such as moving the bath and toilet, this can also take us an additional couple of days. If we decide we need one or more days to finish, we will be completely honest with you at the start of the installation.

When it comes to the finishing of your bathroom, we want to make sure it is looking fabulous before you start using it. This means we carefully seal all units in the bathroom, wash the tiles down and make sure all the tap and showers are gleaming. One thing we have noticed over the years is this section of the job is rushed; many customers have come to us stating other plumbers left their bathroom in a mess. Therefore it is our mission to ensure your bathroom has no faults before we leave your home.

We hope we answered your question

We hope that this article has helped ask your question, if you do have any other questions regarding our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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