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Water damage can cause severe property destruction. If water seeps from a loose fitting or gushes from a ruptured main, it can cause detrimental damage that can in some cases cause hundreds to fix. In this article, we are going to discuss why you should fix a leak in your home.

Fix a leak

You might want to check your insurance policy, but if you have a continuous leak for more than 14 days, you might not be covered. This is because it’s down to poor maintenance on your behalf rather than a sudden accidental event. If you are to have any damage to part of your home such as flooring, you won’t be covered and are unlikely to receive any compensation.

how to detect a leak

Pay attention to any strange odours; if you have a recurrent damp smell, this could be a good indication you have an undetected leak. A leaking pipe can often leave a musty smell; if you do come across his, we suggest checking if you can detect the leak if not call a plumber to assist.

If you have any discolouration of walls or flooring, you may have a leak coming from an internal pipe that you may not be able to see yourself. We always suggest if you do see this then you should turn your water off instantly; this is usually a sign it’s a significant leak.

Sagging walls or ceiling can also be another sign of a leak, water tends to accumulate in one spot, it normally flows to a given point, and this is usually where you can notice sagging. If this is left, eventually the weight of the water pay potentially mean your ceiling or wall could collapse.

Water Damaged Ceiling


Unfortunately, in the UK, we face a range of different weather conditions. In the winter months, we can sometimes experience extreme freezing which can cause leaks in pipework. When pipes freeze the water comes under pressure and expands which can eventually cause a leak or burst pipe.

If you are experiencing a dripping pipe, we recommend thawing it. However, if this is done too often, you can end up putting stress on the pipe. If you find yourself with a constant drip, this can cause damage to the flooring, internal cupboards if it’s in one and potentially increase mould growth.

Water bill

If you have a water leak that cannot be detected by yourself the best way to check is your energy bill. With a leaking pipe, you’ll find that you are using a lot more water.

Frozen Pipe

Central heating

Central heating system leaks can potentially leave you and your family without any heating radiators especially when you’re in the middle of winter. We always recommend preventing any central heating leaks you either have your radiators bled every so often or have a central heating survey which can detect whether you may have a potential problem on the horizon.

Damage to appliances

Suppose you have a leaking or dripping pipe that has been undetected or left for a while, the last thing you want is to have any appliances damaged. While it can be disappointing to have your appliances ruined it can also be extremely dangerous. You don’t want to be touching any of your appliances in this situation; we always suggest turning the mains off if at all possible to stop any live electricity. You may also want to check whether you have insurance on any of your electrical appliances just in case you have this situation.


Many leaks can cause unnecessary havoc in your home, mould and fungal can significantly affect your home but also your health. One of the best ways to prevent mould growing in your home is to purchase a dehumidifier. If you would like to know more about home humidifiers check out Which’s article, by clicking here.

Some strains of mould can be more harmful to you. It can often be challenging to identify types of mould due to the conditions it has grown under. It is always best to stay on top of any mould that has grown due to a leak as you may be surprised just how quick it can spread.

Structural damage

You might find that if you leave a leak long enough, you may start to notice the significant structural damage. The most obvious damage it can cause is aesthetical including staining, discolouration and streaking in paint and drywall. If you have parts of your home that have drywall, this could be severely damaged by leaking water. As it absorbs the water it will begin to warp and swell; if left to long it can compromise the structural integrity of your home. This can be dangerous and may actually require you to have professional come in to ensure your home is structurally sound.

Women with sauce pans cleaning leak

Drives down property values

If your property has a history of water damage, you might find the value your home. This is because even if you think you have fixed the damage yourself, there may be an underlying or lingering effect. This could potentially mean your unable to bargain the price of the house, by staying on top of leaks within your home you can help maintain the value of your property.


If you notice any signs of a potential leak try and identify it as soon as possible. Sometimes we cant always help or predict a leak, if you find yourself in this situation with masses of water in your home you may want to read Concrobium’s article on Tips for Cleaning Your Home After Water Damage. Make sure to call a plumber if you are in need of help; they are often more than willing to talk it through with you. Get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to go to make a claim, and it turns out you have left it too long. By leaving any leak longer than a couple of days, you could end up causing yourself significant expenditure.

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