Saving Money on Heating

Are you finding your energy bills are continually going up? There are plenty of good reasons to why you should reduce your energy consumption, not only will it help with the prices of bills but will also help the environment in the long run. If you feel you are paying to much for your energy bill, we recommend you take a look at comparison sites to provide you with the best energy tariff. As we as looking into your energy bills there are a few things you can do around the house, so we’ve come up with our top ways to reduce energy consumption.

Reduce energy consumption at home

There is a range of general domestic changes you can make at home to reduce your energy consumption. So here we are going to tell you a few things you can do around the house to help your energy bills.


Check all light bulbs around your home; if you are using old light bulbs, it could be costing you a lot more to keep them lit. We recommend you take a look at changing your light bulbs to LED lighting. Light Bulbs Direct have a range of LED light bulbs to fit your home, they can last up to 12 times longer then a normal lightbulb.


Trying to get the right temperature in your household can sometimes be a difficult task, you can now fit reflector panels behind your radiators. By fitting a reflector, you can achieve 95% heat energy from the rear of the radiator. You can also look at getting smart radiator valves; they work on a set timer to turn your radiators on just before you get home. This helps to distribute the heat around the room more efficiently, by not wasting any when your not home.


Curtains work well in two ways; we suggest keeping them open during the light hours of the day as it can reduce the number of light bulbs you have on in the house. As soon as it starts to get dark close your blinds or curtains to help retain the heat.


Draught-proofing is a great way of reducing the amount of heat lost in a room. Many people only draught proof their internal doors, a lot of the heat lost throughout the home is often from ceilings and windows. A rubber draught seal is a great way of retaining the heat in your home it works well on both windows and door frames, and can prevent any dampness or water from entering your home.


Did you know that for every degree over 20 degrees could add up to 10% on your heating bill? We recommend always having your home between 18-20 degrees.


Washing machine and tumble dryers

If at all possible we recommend turning the temperature down on your washing machine, by doing so you could see a third taken off your energy bills. You will be surprised just how much money you spend drying your clothes in the tumble dryer. During the winter months only tumble dry if necessary, don’t waste money by putting a few items in the tumble dryer. In the summer months purchase yourself clothes rack and pop the washing out to dry.

Taps and showers

It may seem like a simple one but leaving your tap running or dripping can waste a significant amount of money. Use your shower instead of having a bath where possible; you should also consider cutting your shower times from 20 minutes to 10. Not only will you have more hot water for people but you will also find your energy bills reduce significantly.

Leaks and pipework

Leaks and pipework can cause havoc in your home so you should always keep on top of them. Not to mention the amount of water you could be wasting by leaving a leak. If you do have one, we recommend you have plumbing maintenance as they can ensure all leaks and pipework won’t leak in the future.

Leaking Pipe

Underfloor insulation

Something that you might want to consider is underfloor heating, while you may think it could cost you a few pound through the installation it could save you money in the long run. There are two different types of underfloor heating you can have installed, a lot of older homes have timber flooring which can be lifted, and mineral wood can be used for additional insulation. You can also have water underfloor heating; it sits beneath any type of flooring offering a great alternative to radiators. It warms up your home and also keeps your feet nice and cosy.

General appliances

If you often leave general devices such as tv’s or games consoles on standby it still uses a considerable amount of energy. Items such as plasma screen TV’s are power hungry so consume a vast amount of electricity even when they are not on. A third of Britons keep appliances on standby accounting for a third of their energy bills. Additionally, the number of people that charge their devices overnight, most models on the market only require two hours for a full charge.


There are so many ways of reducing energy consumption within your home. Making small changes such as using LED light bulbs or taking shorter showers can significantly reduce your energy bills. Draught-proofing and curtains are a great way of insulating your home if you have gaps in your internal doors, windows or external doors, you could be losing heat from your home which will cost you more. Dependent on the time of year you may want to reduce the amount you use your tumble dryer, using a clothes rail in the garden is a great way of drying clothes through the summer months. Reducing the heat of your washing can also save you a fair few pound on your electricity bill.

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