Client Issue

A recent client in the Woburn Sands area had been having continuous issues with leaking pipes and had complained that they regularly had to mop up water from their extension floor, so gave us a call for some advice.

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Our Recommendation

Due to the client’s description, we advised that the cause of the excess water was a leaking pipe under their concrete floor and that we should take a visit to investigate the issue a little further.

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As we initially thought, there was a leak, which had been caused by corrosion of the copper pipes under the clients concrete flooring. The copper pipe should have been protected when the builder they had hired built their extension, but unfortunately, there was no pipe covering present.

As a result of the seriousness of the issue, the floor would have to be completely taken up, and the pipe run would have to be re-done. We offered to complete this work for the client, and they have booked in for our services in the New Year. This issue shows the importance of protecting copper pipes under concrete flooring.

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